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How long is the show?
The production is approximately 2 hours with an intermission in between the first and second act. We suggest that you consider scheduling approximately 3 hours to allow for seating and time to meet members of the cast and crew afterwards should you desire.

I’m reserving my tickets online – how do I get them?
You can either pick up your tickets from the church office, or they will be held for you in “Will Call”. If you reserve tickets, we ask that you PLEASE use them! If you are unable to attend please let us know.

Are tickets really free?
Yes. There is no cost to the tickets which can be reserved online or by calling the church. Voluntary donations are accepted to help offset the cost of the production, and you’ll be given an opportunity to give if you so desire.

If tickets are free, why do I need them?
Tickets are used for “preferential seating”, meaning ticket holders may enter the theater as soon as the doors open and have a seat. Those who come without a ticket will be asked to wait until 15 minutes before the curtain rises. No one will be turned away provided there is seating available, but ticket holders are given the opportunity to be seated first.

What does the money go towards?
The Promise is a very technical production, and while there are NO paid members of the cast or crew, there are a lot of production costs involved, and all of the money collected goes to help offset these costs. Please feel free to ask for more information.

Is this a “Family Friendly” production?
Yes – although the depiction of the anger of the crowd and Jesus’s crucifixion can be scary to young children who don’t understand that it is portrayed by actors and it “isn’t real”. Make sure your children are familiar with the story and help them to understand that while the story is very true and it really did happen, what they are seeing are just ordinary people pretending.

What age is this appropriate for?
This is a theatrical production, and theater etiquette does apply (CLICK HERE). Young children who aren’t able to sit quietly through the performance and may cause a distraction to other members of the audience and cast and crew probably wouldn’t enjoy it and shouldn’t attend.

This is amazing – can I come more than once and bring guests?
Of course! Almost everyone who sees The Promise wants to come back and bring guests. For this reason, the first weekend tends to have a slightly lower attendance. If you wish to bring a large group of more than 10 people please contact the church directly.

Are food and drinks available?
No, and no food or drinks are permitted in the sanctuary during the production.

How can I get involved next year?
Members of our cast and crew sign a ministry commitment letter affirming their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and agreeing to attend all required rehearsals and additional activities involved in putting on The Promise. If you’d like more information about getting involved next time you can email the church and we’ll put you on the list to receive updates for the 2019 production.